Nana Wall

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With a 30+ year lifespan in the opening glass wall industry, NanaWall Systems has listened to architects to create solutions to their biggest design challenges. The result is a robust product portfolio of opening glass walls across four product families that result from years of intense engineering.

Working from a small room, the four Nana brothers divided their time between real estate development

Nana Wall

endeavors and pioneering the category of folding glass walls within the fenestration industry. Perceiving an unmet need for flexible solutions to large architectural openings, the founders of Nana Wall Systems delivered their first wood-framed, opening glass wall in 1986. Three years later, Nana Wall Systems, Inc. was incorporated, with the mission of finding, creating, and delivering an ever-broadening array of flexible design solutions.

In 1996, Nana Wall Systems entered partnership with Solarlux of Germany, the world leader in opening glass wall technology. This joint venture offered access to more tools, advanced technologies, and increased production capacity. NanaWall established a manufacturing facility in Richmond, CA in 2005. After years of hard work, achieving ISO 9001, the plant produced its 5000th job in 2012. Together with Solarlux, over a million panels have been installed worldwide.